If you are trying to decide which service to choose but is not yet quite sure, here is some information to help you decide which type of service will suit your needs.

Translation refers to written information being transferred from one language, the source, to another language, the target.

The idea of translating a text, being that in any field of expertise, is to maintain the same message of the original document, the source.

When translating a document, the translator needs to take into account a few factors: the style of the text, the purpose of the translation and how to deal with cultural differences for instance. So your translation maintains the same characteristics of the original.

Although, much has changed in the translation industry with the addition of new technologies which help the translator deliver a more cohesive text in a shorter amount of time. The translation process is still very much a human process.

So, please keep in mind that not planning ahead and not allowing some time for the whole translation cycle to be completed will directly impact the final result of your text.

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