The Process

Let’s say that you have a brochure to translate. You will send this brochure over to us and we will analyze what is needed to complete the job.

We will start with the basics: We will check how many words the brochure has, we will analyze the purpose of the translation of the text, who is the target audience of this translation and the style of text to name a few points.

It is at this  moment that if we have any doubts we will ask you. Why? We are trying to understand your needs to offer you the best service.

After we have gathered all the information we need, a quote will be prepared for you, containing cost and turnaround time. If you are happy with what we proposed to you and payment is clear, we will then proceed with the translation.

When the translation is completed by one of our native speakers and QA-ed (Quality Assurance) internally it will be delivered to you.

Not sure if this is what you need? We are happy to help!

We believe in partnerships