If you are not sure that translation is the type of service you are looking for, perhaps localization is what will suit your needs. Here, you can find a few points to consider when choosing this service.

Localization is one of the layers of the Translation Industry. To localize a text or a product is to adapt said text to a particular market.

There is a difference between translating a text to be distributed in Brazil and to translate the same text to be distributed exclusively in Rio Grande do Norte, one of Brazil’s states . The localization of the text to be distributed in Rio Grande do Norte will use words that are specific to that region and not general words understood throughout the country.

The idea behind localization is to make the localized text fluent to the market that is being distributed, as if the text had been written in that region.

To exemplify, among many instances where a text can be localized the following are the most commonly found: dates, currencies, units of measure, addresses, numbers and colors.

If you have any doubts on what service to choose, contact us, we are happy to help!