Travel Planning: 10 Reasons why you should plan your next trip with virtual tours

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I have been thinking lately about ways to use the actual circumstances to create something new or at least an improved version of the experiences we used to have.

I am not trying to reinvent the wheel here, I am just trying to put a positive spin on a difficult situation as I am sure you are too.

I keep seeing online that there are a lot of posts about virtual tours. At first, this is not an idea that is appealing to me, because nothing will ever replace being in the place and experiencing the colors and flavors of a different city or country.

But as I try to do my best to see the positive side to a complicated situation. It occurred to me that these virtual tours can be used for travel planning.

So, I have started to brainstorm some pros on how to use virtual tours for travel planning.

10 Virtual Tours Pros:

1- You can visit museums without so many people taking pictures in front of you. Quite frankly, it might be your only option to see the Monalisa without an avalanche of people trying to snap that perfect family photo, while you “patiently wait” for your turn.

2- There is no bad weather on a virtual tour. How many times have you planned a trip and once you got there it rained non-stop for the duration of your trip?

3- No need to pay to renew your passport.

4- Although, some virtual tours are paid, quite a few are free, so no need to save your money for the trip right now.

5- Don’t like what you see? Fast Forward.

6- Virtual tours are recorded and/or subtitled in a variety of languages, you will find one that you will be able to fully understand, or you can use them to practice a foreign language.

7- You will learn about the history of the place you want to visit before going there, which will give you so much more appreciation for when you are actually there. Have you been to a place, looked at an historical figure and thought, who’s this guy? With a virtual tour, you will know.

8-  A virtual tour will make you more eager to visit the city you want to visit.

9- You will not be so lost once you get to your destination. I do some of my travel planning on Google Maps, so I know my surroundings once I get to my destination. A virtual tour could give you a better sense of direction which is wonderful if you just have a couple of days to travel. Less time wasted walking in circles.

10- You can use virtual tours to help you navigate the attractions that are a must-see to you and those that you could go to, if you have the chance.

Using virtual tours for travel planning, could make you more precise and help you save the money you actually would need for the trip. Because it would give you a better sense of what you actually want to visit.

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