5 Essential Travel Items for the Minimalist Traveler

Travel Planning: Must-have carry-on items for a trip abroad.

In all these years of moving from country to country and traveling solo here and there, I can say that I have learned a thing or two about traveling.

One thing I have learned is to pack light. This was a lesson that I learned over the years. As a teen, I would pack the biggest bag in the house for a 2 week holiday at grandma’s house. If you knew how many times my mom yelled at me for this… It took me years to learn what is essential and what is not.

This is a list that took me about 20 years to learn what is essential to me. Each trip showed me that I didn’t need one thing, but that I needed another one instead.

But before I start, I want to teach you one word in Portuguese “jabá”. Jabá is a plug, a promotion, something that people do just to promote something else. This is exactly what this post is, a shameless jabá. When you can’t travel, like now, one needs to be creative!

I hope you enjoy my shameless jabá, those are actually useful items.

  1.  International adapter

So useful if you travel to different countries! I bought mine at Barnes and Nobles, 15 years ago. Does this place still exist? This is the first thing I put in my bag.

Without it. I won’t charge my phone, or laptop, forget about uploading that surprisingly good selfie. My must have!

  1.  Infinity scarf.

I wear scarves all day everyday no matter the weather. I have some for winter, others for mid-season. 

At the moment, I live in London, so there is just winter and not winter. I am not sure what summer is anymore, but I remember seeing in pictures. It must be nice.

I’m a solo traveler and let’s face it, not all places are safe and by not being from the area, tourists like me can end up going to places that they should not be going just because… well, we are tourists and we don’t know any better!

So, I found this infinity scarf that has a pocket inside! You can hide your most precious belongings. I hide my documents, it would be a pain to have them stolen or lost in any foreign country.  Knock on wood! Or touch wood, not sure if you are particularly inclined to knock or touch, do as you please, but do!

  1. Solar Power Bank

This is one that I discovered to be essential on my trip to Tokyo. I wrote a post  about it and you can read all about the saga here.

I had a small power bank that I thought that that was enough for a day out and back to the hotel.

The thing is we don’t really take into account the amount of times we use Google Maps when we are abroad, how many pictures and videos we shoot. I bought a solar power bank as soon as I got back home. That mistake I will not make again!

  1. Foldable backpack

Carrying a foldable backpack inside your luggage is great for a day out on the beach or if you want to go on a hyke. You can carry all your immediate essentials and best of all hands free! 

  1. Wallet for plane ticket, money and passport.

If there is something I hate is the line for security checks at the airport. ANY airport. I am sure you are saying an Amen to that! I can hear you!

I hate the line, I hate that all that all packed so carefully ends up a mess, the stress was so great that once I lost my plane ticket to the U.S. while taking things out of my bag and putting them back in. I. HATE. IT. 

I now have a wallet that carries all the stuff I need for the security checks in one place. It’s great! The downside is that if you lose it, you lose all at once. 

That’s when the infinity scarf comes handy. I put the wallet inside the scarf, reducing the chances of losing the wallet. Unless, I lose the scarf. HA!

I hope you enjoyed my essential items list, as you can see they are all quite useful.

Not sure if there will be another list coming up, this was not the intention when I decided to write about my travel stories. But, if it will be helpful to anyone, who knows? We are all trying to be creative at this moment, right?

Travelling was put on halt, but business is open as usual. Send me a message if you have any questions about translating your content into Brazilian Portuguese.

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