Bonjour, Annecy!

Annecy, a tale of a fairy tale city

Boujour mes amis! Today, I would like to talk about a little gem located in the North of France called Annecy.

I can only assume that this city is known by many Europeans already, however to me it was one of those mesmerizing discoveries.

I came across Annecy while looking for places to travel for my birthday. I usually don’t celebrate my birthday, but this was one of those big ones, those that make you reflect on your life decisions.

So, I started looking for interesting places to go but nothing was really appealing to me. My birthday is in August which means that if I am in the North hemisphere all is booked since June. If I am in the South hemisphere it’s cold, so forget the beach.

Frankly, this shouldn’t be a big deal, but as I said, I don’t celebrate my birthday. It took me 2 months to decide. I annoyed everyone around me, with my whining as if this was a real problem. I should be more ashamed… oh well.

Then, a Pinterest miracle happened and I saw a photo of what looked like a fairy tale city. I did all my research, I always do, and there I went to the magic Kingdom of Annecy.

My choice was to stay in the old part of town, near by the lake in a fancy hotel. Because this was a big birthday, I work hard, I pay my taxes, I am strong independent woman! OhOhOh Easy now, this is just a blog post.

Anyway, let’s go back a bit so you know how to get there. Annecy has no International Airport, you will have to go to Geneva and take a bus to Annecy bus/train station. If you Google search “buses from Geneva to Annecy”, you will have a list of buses who serve this area.

It took me 2 hours to get there, however, there are bus lines that will take you to Annecy faster. I was in no rush and I enjoy seeing the landscape from one small town to another.

If you are like me and the only French you have is the one Duolingo has taught you, fear not! In the touristic side of town, there is always one employee who is able to speak a little English. That being said it would be a good idea if you knew a few words in French. Even when the person serving me could speak some English they would tell me the price in French, so thankfully, I knew enough to get by. #thankyouduolingo

Mes amis… the old part of town is where all the excitement is. You can take a boat ride, enjoy all the aquatic sports you wish, hike on the mountains, eat all the food you desire or just slow down and appreciate the moment.

If you happen to be in town in August, Annecy hosts a huge fireworks festival every year on the first Saturday of August and an International Animation Festival in June with screenings open to the public.

During the 5-day Animation Festival, at 10:15 pm, there’s a free screening on the Pâquier lawn. I am a fan of animation, so my eyes are all over this festival on my next visit.

For me, this trip was all about appreciation. Appreciating the nature around me, that we often times take for granted, the opportunity to have time to enjoy the little things in life, to think and to breathe.

Ay,ay… I am a poet.

Would you like to present your animation film to an International Market?